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Why Couples Therapy Shouldn’t Be A Last Resort

Many people only go to couples therapy as a last resort, after they have been trying to save their relationship for some time already.


But at this point, they may have checked out of the relationship and are not at a point where they can be receptive to the support and guidance they get from a therapist. 


That is why it is sensible to go to therapy with your partner long before there is a wide chasm between you, as this improves the chances of working things out and resolving any issues. 


Couples counselling works by allowing each person to talk about how they feel in the relationship, highlighting any behaviours that can be detrimental to the partnership. 


For instance, it can help couples talk about why recurring rows take place, the reasons behind unhealthy relationship dynamics, if there is a loss of intimacy, and causes for increased irritability between partners. 


Often when couples try to talk through issues at home, they end up arguing as they feel the need to defend themselves or have their say. However, counselling provides a safe space where they can both describe their feelings and listen to each other better. 


This helps to improve communication and means issues can more easily and effectively be resolved. 


Therapists can also guide couples to understand what each other is saying better, provide them with tools and different perspectives, and mediate conflict so they can get past their grievances. 


Resolving deep-rooted problems or ending negative behaviours that have become bad habits over the years can help create a better connection and make each partner feel more valued and listened to. 


Subsequently, this can lead to better physical and emotional intimacy, and help couples look towards the future instead of remaining stuck in the past.

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